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Misleading information policy

To ensure the integrity of our network, we do not allow any content that promotes false or misleading information or coordinated misleading information campaigns.

Broadly speaking, we do not allow and may remove misleading information that:

  • Is likely to significantly contribute to the risk of physical or psychological harm to a person or a group of people
  • Promotes widely disproven claims regarding individual or public health, including but not limited to the safety of vaccines, or the intended usage, benefits, or capabilities of medicine
  • Is likely to significantly harm democratic institutions or voting processes or to cause voter or census suppression
  • Severely misrepresents a candidate’s or government’s views, plans, or intended actions
  • Promotes disproven claims of election fraud or manipulation as factual or severely misrepresents the safety or validity of results from voting machines or other voting processes
  • Promotes the specific views of a party, government, or ideology by using false claims regarding others
  • Misrepresents, denies, or makes unsubstantiated claims about historical or newsworthy events or the people involved in them

We may also remove media that we deem has been manipulated in a way that misleads, such as:

  • Images, videos, or quotes that have been edited, cropped, or synthesized in a way that misleads others about the original content
  • Images or videos that have been generated by artificial techniques that superimpose or create content in a manner that appears authentic but isn’t (so-called “deep fakes”) in order to mislead viewers

Content that falls under this policy can be engaged with in several ways: it may be that editing is enough, it may be that providing a factual answer (using the platform!) is enough, or it may be that it needs to be deleted. We encourage users to exercise their best judgment in how to curate and respond to this type of content and, when in doubt, to flag it or contact us.

Last update: 2023-05-31