Many of the questions asked but have received a few close votes have +10 or more net upvotes.

Now since we are in private beta, an upvote indicates approval of a question.

So if 6 more users have indicated that the question is a good question, should we still vote to close such questions (which require only 5 close votes)?

  • $\begingroup$ you only have 2 questions with 10+ votes. having 1 of your questions be up for closure that has 10+ does not constitute as "many" $\endgroup$
    – Neo
    Commented Apr 20, 2014 at 1:05

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People upvote questions for all kinds of reasons. They might think it's interesting. They might want to give the asker reputation (yes this happens). They might think it's a good question for the beta. Or they might have just seen a kitten and are really happy.

The point is, people vote however they like for whatever reason. Score is absolutely not to be taken as a strict indicator of quality.

Closing, on the other hand, is a more concrete process. There are close reasons. If a question fits one of these reasons, by all means close it.

Don't take into account score when voting to close or leave open a question. Just look at the content and make your decision from there based on current guidelines.


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