In this question the OP asks identification for 4 samples.
(Update: question has been removed by the OP. It contained 4 pictures and basically only asked 'Can anyone identify these?')

Should this be split into 4 questions?

Personally, I'm in favor. It would require more effort from the OP, maybe resulting in better questions.

The famous A guide for asking “Identify this rock” questions? does not answer this.
If the consensus here is 'yes', a remark should be added there.


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One question, one answer.

If they are all samples of what the OP believes to be the same rock: then they can be together, because the answer will be all the same.

If they are all samples of different rocks, they should be asked as individual questions.


As of 2019-07-30, rock identification questions are off-topic on Earth Science Stack Exchange.

Therefore, the question about one or more samples per question no longer applies.


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