I just came across this answer (corresponding question) and I was able to flag it as Not an answer (2) after I already marked it Not an answer in a review queue (1).

enter image description here

Shouldn't that be impossible?

(Or is it because at this moment It needs more reviews from other users to be completed.?)

Here is the question timeline

[Edit 3 Aug] The same things just happened with a question on Workplace.se


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This is how the system has worked for several years, so I suppose it's by design. The behavior is not hard to reproduce: just open any post you already reviewed, and you'll be able to flag it any way you want, unless the post is already gone.

The following things can prevent you from raising a flag on a post are:

  1. You already raised a flag of the same kind in the past.
  2. You have a pending flag on that post (of whatever type)
  3. The post is locked or deleted
  4. You are out of flags for the day (or don't have enough reputation to cast flags).

Having reviewed a post in the past does not disqualify you from raising another flag on it. There's been some discussion whether flagging posts you see in review is reasonable. Generally it's a waste of time even though additional NAA/VLQ flags do have a slight effect on the likelihood of the post getting deleted.

The review system does not show users the posts they already flagged, although there's an edge case with multiple browser tabs.


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