When we started this site in 2014, we encouraged everyone to vote early and often, and people did. Now this site is not young anymore. In the past 5 years, we have seen a steady increase in the number of active users, page views, and posts. Unfortunately, this has not been accompanied by an increase in votes.

Please vote for quality content!

The past 3 months saw the lowest ever amount of voting on this site. This quarter, only 16 users have cast at least 10 votes. This is a problem, because voting is important:

  • Voting distinguishes top quality content from mediocre content
  • Voting helps users find good posts
  • Voting motivates both askers and answerers in continuing to provide good quality content.
  • And voting is free¹!

So, please don't forget to vote!

¹Downvoting answers costs a very small (1 rep) amount of reputation.


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