I have already asked few questions on the border between archaeology and earth sciences, such as this or this. I want to ask more, but I would like to be sure that they are on topic before asking.

What I would expect to be on topic, all the time or almost all the time:

Where I am not sure, and I would expect at least some (but not all) questions to be on topic:

  • interactions between earth (including climate) and ancient people
    • archaeological dating of various events studied by paleo-(insert earth science here)
    • how climate changes influenced ancient people (and if and how ancient people influenced climate)
    • how did mining, agriculture and other past human activities influenced earth etc.
  • ancient mining once again
    • what materials could people reach in certain time and space
    • their mining techniques
  • flint knapping - techniques, how good are various rocks for knapping etc.

What I don't expect to be on-topic at all:

  • any social and/or relegious aspects of archaeology (perhaps with exceptions of ways how people perceived and reflected earth and specific landmarks, i.e. cult of mountains in some cultures?)
  • production of artifacts that is not directly tied to earth, geology, pedology etc.
  • almost anything else

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Past, current and future human influence on climate is on topic.

Past, current and future human adaptation to climate conditions is a border case, which needs a case-by-case decision. As rule of thump questions, which are more about climate are on topic and those, which are more about humans are probably not on topic.

  • $\begingroup$ This concerns climate. Perhaps it could be extrapolated to other areas, but I would prefer the answers to concern other fields as well: especially (a) how people affected terrain and (b) using earth sciences (geology, geophysics etc.) to understand human past - the aim is to study how earth influences people, but the methodology is appropriate for earth sciences. $\endgroup$
    – Pavel V.
    Apr 30, 2014 at 10:39

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