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What happens when a question is closed as a duplicate of a (presumably) deleted question

I was browsing recent questions on Earth Science, and came across this question, which is closed as a duplicate of this other question. However, the latter appears to be a deleted question. Now, I'm ...
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How can I re-open my question?

A couple of days ago I asked How likely is it for coastal cities to survive next 40 years?. It was proposed in comments to make it more narrow, as it's hard to predict all possible scenarios around ...
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How are 'we' doing with the rock ID questions since the introduction of the ID guide close reason?

I'm wondering in how far the introduction of the off-topic close reason pointing to the ID guide has 'helped'. 'Helped' can be interpreted in different ways, and I find it hard to describe measurable ...
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Where is the line between earthscience and physics SE?

This question about atmospheric refraction of visible light was recently closed as off-topic because "it belongs on physics". While it would fit on physics I also feel that it is on-topic here, and ...
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Human health and earth science questions - do they belong here

There's kind of a grey area surrounding the appropriateness of questions on the human health effects of earth science-related processes for this site. Where should the line be drawn? For example, a ...
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Do closed questions and other items count toward fulfilling your commitment?

As of yesterday, I had six questions and four answers, and the sum of the two is ten. That is versus the required ten questions and/or answers to make up a fulfilled commitment. (Actually I had a ...
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