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May I move my parent site to here?

This is now the SE site with the highest reputation for me. I would like to know if I am welcome here before I do? I have learned much and will do my very best not to create work and contribute good ...
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Why does an older revision of my question get more views?

Where is the calmest place on Earth? The above question was on fire getting many views. The person who edited my question did it good taste but, the views drastically stopped. IMO that is a negative ...
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Are copy written .GIF videos ok to use as a visual aid?

Copy written text material get sited all the time. Is it ok to use video clips and site them? Where or where not to be when an asteriod is coming?
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What's the community's position on copyrighted material?

Copyright was covered briefly in an answer to a previous question, but not really addressed. The Stack Exchange content policy document is a bit vague on the subject: users should be careful when ...
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Is the imperial measurement system still used in the geosciences?

There are a bunch of questions on this site with measurements in miles, feet, etc. I'm an imperial system hater, so it annoys me. I'm wondering if this measurement system is still used anywhere in the ...
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How do we handle Wikipedia answers?

This is essentially a follow-up on the questions about whether we are an expert site or not, such as Are we aiming to be an expert site? and Is expert level the same as difficult?. I see some answers ...
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Homework questions

UPDATE: This is a historical discussion. Here is the adopted homework questions policy. We don't have this problem yet, but given time I'm sure that we will. Do we want to allow homework questions ...
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Are we going to allow recommendation questions?

I have seen our software rec discussion here: Are software-requests on-topic? But I am wondering now about general recommendation questions. The question that sparked this is: https://earthscience....
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Shall we have a "cite your sources" policy for answers?

I want this site to succeed. I want a site that attracts experts. Real experts. Not people like me, but scientists with 25 years of experience in a sub-field of atmospheric science. I'm seeing ...
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