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Should We Restrain Book-Reference/Rock-Identification Questions?

I suspect people can farm reputation points off of book reference requests, I would like to propose a system where one asks for a book reference they would not gain any reputation when upvoted on the ...
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Seriously? Have I done something wrong?

How did plants adapated to past CO2 levels? Why won't they do it again? Upgraded: i know i did that artistic trick about pigs (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain), but well i am not a bad guy. i ...
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Let's start offering bounties!

Somehow I became the highest rep user on this site, and since I have no use for my rep points (14.5k at the moment) I'll start investing them in bounties for ignored or interesting questions, both new ...
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Why isn't my reputation count raising when my post gets upvoted on meta?

Here's my problem: I've had some upvoted posts that haven't raised my reputation count. It will sometimes take some time to notify me and raise my reputation count, but it's been 36 hours, and still ...
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what is a reasonable reputation count

We have all heard of our reputation count, and how it's constantly changing. I've been on StackExchange for only two days, and I currently have 23 reputation. all I'm asking for in this post is ...
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Strange "Reputation Change" and "Total Reputation" tables?

Being vain, from time to time I check out my reputation on various SE sites. I've noticed the "Reputation Change" and "Total Reputation" tables before on other sites, but I finally looked at the one ...
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