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Satellites, weather-satellites and remote-sensing, why not earth-observation-satellite for the first two and keep the third for non-satellite Q's?

To the question How can I relation aerosol particle size (2, 5 and 10 microns) with the aerosol index measurement of the Sentinel-5P (TROPOMI) data sets? I've added both satellites 50 questions The ...
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move [nwp] tag to [numerical-weather-prediction]

Move nwp tag to numerical-weather-prediction. Initialised tags are unclear, even when the initialism is common. I can't suggest a synonym, because I don't have points in that tag.
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We should strive for consistent spelling forms

I just noted that the palaeobotany is using british spelling, while all the other similar tags are using american spelling (e.g. paleontology. As a community, we should strive for tags using the same ...
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Tag for global Earth: do not use “earth”?

Some questions* already use the tag earth. (*) edit: ignore the previous link, see the first comment by plannapus following naught101 answer below. I'm wondering if it is meaningful on Earth Science ...
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