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7 votes
1 answer

Would it be beneficial to incorporate the el-nino tag and prempt a la-nina tag under an ENSO tag?

Should we combine these tags? Or is it better they remain separate?
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5 votes
4 answers

Do we need [climate-change] and [global-warming]?

We currently have tags global-warming (6 questions) and climate-change (6 questions). I don't think we need both of these tags, so the question becomes which tag do we keep? I definitely feel one of ...
4 votes
1 answer

How do we handle tags that have more than one meaning

A tag "vein" has been established in connection with a question dealing with a model called VEIN. A vein is of course also a common term in geology. So in this case a vein tag has two ...
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4 votes
3 answers

move [nwp] tag to [numerical-weather-prediction]

Move nwp tag to numerical-weather-prediction. Initialised tags are unclear, even when the initialism is common. I can't suggest a synonym, because I don't have points in that tag.
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4 votes
0 answers

Satellites, weather-satellites and remote-sensing, why not earth-observation-satellite for the first two and keep the third for non-satellite Q's?

To the question How can I relation aerosol particle size (2, 5 and 10 microns) with the aerosol index measurement of the Sentinel-5P (TROPOMI) data sets? I've added both satellites 50 questions The ...
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3 votes
1 answer

On the usage of the reference/resource request tags

There are currently 42 questions with the reference-request tag$-$I've just added a few. (The relevance of such questions for the site was already discussed here.) Some of them ask for proper ...
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2 votes
1 answer

[measurements], [field-measurements], [in-situ-measurements] tags; do we need all three? Some definitions for the last two?

I just asked How did they know that there was a "desert tsunami" in a Death Valley cave after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake near the southwest of Mexico? and found there are three "...
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0 votes
1 answer

Do we need both [climate] and [climatology] tags?

I noticed that we have both tags. They are not synonyms and I cannot suggest them to be. However, their descriptions sound pretty similar: climate Average weather conditions for a particular area ...
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