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[measurements], [field-measurements], [in-situ-measurements] tags; do we need all three? Some definitions for the last two?

I just asked How did they know that there was a "desert tsunami" in a Death Valley cave after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake near the southwest of Mexico? and found there are three "...
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Satellites, weather-satellites and remote-sensing, why not earth-observation-satellite for the first two and keep the third for non-satellite Q's?

To the question How can I relation aerosol particle size (2, 5 and 10 microns) with the aerosol index measurement of the Sentinel-5P (TROPOMI) data sets? I've added both satellites 50 questions The ...
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Should there be a tag about the Himalayas?

Now, I understand there is a tag about Mountains, but people use the Himalayas as an example a lot, and people ask about the Indian-Eurasian plate collision every once in a while. I'm taking the ...
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Burninate `rocks` and `identification-request`? Promote `petrology` and `paleontology`?

Now that rock ID questions have been banned, I'd like to offer some suggestions about how to achieve the desired result, which is to stop ES:SE from being a honey trap for uninteresting rock ID ...
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How granular should tags be?

If you have a look at the edit history of this question, you'll see there's been a minor tag edit-war (not really - all genial, see the comments on the question itself :) ). I originally put quite ...
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A tag for mantle plumes/hotspots?

One question that'd benefit from this already, and as a somewhat controversial topic and an active area of research I'd be astonished if we don't get more. I suggest "mantle-plumes", as hotspot's more ...
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Subdiscipline tag convention

Do we prefer tags like this: volcanology speleology glaciology or like this: volcanoes caves glaciers ?
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