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YES! We really do need MathJax on here. There's going to be a lot of times in which we need to reference formulas, or other such stuff, and MathJax will make everything a lot easier in these cases. The Stack Exchange team looks for posts that would benefit by having MathJax, so let's make a list of such posts. Some posts that could use this: How is ocean ...


$$\sum{answers} = MathJax\ enabled$$


List of questions that would benefit from mhchem: Peak phosphorus - what are the sinks? What would happen if we could revert $\mathrm{CO}_2$ production but took it too far? How were we able to measure carbon dioxide levels in earlier climates? How does radiogenic argon-40 get into the atmosphere? (features a reaction) How does one create petroleum/crude oil ...


Getting started On earthscience.SE, we use MathJax to format our math. MathJax is a tool that lets us display LaTeX math on a browser. To use mathjax, enclose your math within single($...$) or double($$...$$) dollars. Single dollars make the math inline, for example, Let $x$ be a variable gives: Let $x$ be a variable. On the other hand, double dollars ...


It's now possible describe stratospheric ozone with equations: $$ \ce{O2 ->[\text{uv light}] 2 O}\\ \ce{O2 + O -> O3} $$ Some helpful information: A guide on the basics of mhchem. Resist the urge to overuse $\TeX$. Other than that... enjoy!


Can I use LaTeX/MathJax to edit formulas in my answers? This feature is available on other SE sites, but it is not clear to me whether I will be able to use this here. The capability to write mathematical formulas is essential for any meaningful communication about science beyond elementary school. Not supporting this would really limit this site to a non-...

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