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Why isn't my reputation count raising when my post gets upvoted on meta?

Meta does not contribute to your reputation. The reputation you see on meta is just whatever your rep on the main site is. Based on this and your linked questions, you are a bit obsessed about ...
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what is a reasonable reputation count

The purpose of this site, and other Stack Exchange sites, is to gain knowledge or share knowledge, by asking or answering questions - not to acquire reputation points. This isn't a game like Candy ...
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2 votes

Should We Restrain Book-Reference/Rock-Identification Questions?

This could be implemented as follows: We could have a policy in which people should mark reference requests as community wiki. For community wiki questions, no reputation is earned. If a reference ...
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1 vote

Should We Restrain Book-Reference/Rock-Identification Questions?

Rock identification requests are off topic (as far as I know reference requests are valid). If users start farming points with repetitive softball questions, I would think it would be addressed (...
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