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ES Stack Exchange's Mineral Guide [closed]

Project is closed by the system. We could move it to github, but the point I saw is there are a lot of good geologists at the site. I am sugesting to take from an own server one monthly data request ...
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Should we strive for perfecting answers? Or should we avoid enhancing answers through edits?

After an answer is posted, I often find myself reading it over and finding ways to improve it, and I usually do so. Some times, a comment points to an aspect of the question that I've missed so I go ...
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How do I answer a question correctly?

Every time I answer a question, it gets downvoted a lot. Obviously it's annoying, but I know why it happens. I'm usually downvoted for one of the following reasons: My answer isn't correct My answer ...
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Why was this answer deleted?

This question asks "Is there a package for R to plot Schmidt nets, like it is done in geology?"; the first answer posted said "Try the RockFab library on CRAN", which at least at first glance seems to ...
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Is there a way to share authorship of an answer?

In the question What visual wave behavior help to tell..., the current accepted answer was first drafted by me, but IRO-bot provided a very good complement to the answer. The point is that, it should ...
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How do we handle Wikipedia answers?

This is essentially a follow-up on the questions about whether we are an expert site or not, such as Are we aiming to be an expert site? and Is expert level the same as difficult?. I see some answers ...
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How can I link directly to an answer?

Sometimes it is useful, when commenting on a question or answer, to link to an answer that was given to anther question. On other sites, I do this by using the "share" link under the desired link ...
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