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List of identify-my-rock questions to delete [STATUS-COMPLETED]

Please, vote to delete this list of questions if you have time and you have the privileges to do so (2k). ...
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How do we handle tags that have more than one meaning

A tag "vein" has been established in connection with a question dealing with a model called VEIN. A vein is of course also a common term in geology. So in this case a vein tag has two ...
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How do people feel about a PM2.5 tag and this wiki excerpt?

I have recently created pm2.5 and have it on 3 questions so far. update: 8 questions now. I have also written the following tag Wiki excerpt: PM2.5 is one size classification of airborne ...
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GPS vs GNSS tags, do we need both?

GPS technically only refers to the system established by the US, whereas GNSS is a general term including Beidou, Galileo, and GLONASS. (any others?). Two questions use gps and five questions use ...
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How granular should tags be?

If you have a look at the edit history of this question, you'll see there's been a minor tag edit-war (not really - all genial, see the comments on the question itself :) ). I originally put quite ...
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What should we add to tag wikis?

What is the policy on creating/adding to tag wikis? I think this is of great importance, that we get some of the fundamental tags defined, such as Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry.
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